The most amazing quilt I think I’ve ever seen… Also (thank God!) happens to be a wedding gift from Ashlee, my brand new brother-in-law’s girl <3 #family #mfwedding #love #quilting #craftsmanship #sewing #design #patterns

About to cut our wedding cake #mfwedding

I just unlocked the Awkward.: Redefining Jenna sticker on GetGlue

2979 others have also unlocked the Awkward.: Redefining Jenna sticker on

Collin invites Jenna to a photography showcase at his house, causing tension between her and Matty. Share this one proudly. It’s from our friends at MTV.

Nothing like enjoying a nice Fringe rewind

The most beautiful 12 roses on Earth; a surprise from my Valentine (at New Gloucester, Maine)

This looks like a good time. I’ll throw my 1st game against the person who buys it for me ;) #games #cranium (at Town Of Gray)

Happy puppy in the snow (at New Gloucester, Maine)

Gorgeous and her new haircut <3 (at Gray, ME)

Puzzle piece grilled cheese with fried turkey, made with my love. Happiness is… (at Gray, ME)

Fitch family Thanksgiving. Game on! #factorcrap (at New Gloucester, Maine)

I don’t believe this is how it’s played… Nice try, Mom & Dad #trivialpursuit (at Gray)

The girl & I gave Dad his favorite car for his birthday #corvette #cake (at Gray, ME)

Lane closed on the Mass pike. I see a spike in brake light bulb sales tomorrow. (at INTERSTATE MA 90- MASSACHUSETTES STATE TURNPIKE)

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